Creation Rules


-Stats – roll 30d6, keep best 18d6, up to 4 dice in a stat. Min score is 9, without DM’s permission. Max score for any stat is 18 before racial modifiers. (Average is 84 Stat Points)

-Alternate methods 1. Start with 9 points in each stat, divide 31 points however you see fit 2. Roll 1d4; Divide how you see fit; 1= 78 Points, 2= 80 Points, 3= 82 Points 4= 84 Points 3. For each stat, roll 5d6, drop the low 2, +1 to any stat (max 18)

-Languages – any listing of “Gnome” can be replaced with “Dwarf”

-All Classes benefit from high STR and CON as would a fighter.

-Hit Dice – Do not roll for HP, instead, each player takes maximum HP each level + CON bonus until name level, there after, each level gains a HP bonus by class + CON bonus

Fighter- Max 9d10 HD +3 per level after

Wizard- Max 10d4 HD +1 per level after

Cleric- Max 9d8 HD +2 per level after

Rouge- 10d6 HD +2 per level after

Psionicist- 10d6 HD +2 per level after

-Str and Dex bonuses apply to thrown weapons (do not stack, take the highest for THAC0, add Strength or Dexterity damage modifier)

-Build your character using the Players Option: Skills and Powers system, then continue with the Players Option: Spells and Magic, then High Level Campaigns.

Or, if you want to use a Core Rules build and kit, you will need to use a stricter set of rules during your build. No split sub-stats. No custom race or class abilities, and any excess CPs from race and class are dropped. You get the bonuses that your kit recommends, then you buy proficiencies as per the Players Handbook. You won’t use the CP builds from Spells and Magic, but starting at Lv2, you will earn CPs and buy proficiencies as per the Skills and Powers and High Level Campaigns rules.


-Dragons are of any alignment, and not restricted by color

-Human Terminology does not match game terms when describing the Races, Humans use the term “elves” to describe Dwarves, Gnomes, Elves, Halflings, Pixie and Fairy folk, and Brownies and their ilk.

-there are lots of new races, spells, classes, kits, proficiencies and more, but it’s not all available to every player character. If you can’t find a way to express your character, talk to the DM.

Creation Rules

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